Do you feel stuck in your job search? Have you been sending out resumes and answering online postings without any feedback? There are some things you can do to expand your job search and the results that you will get. These simple tricks can speed up the process and get you more calls back. Here are just 5 ways you can improve your job hunt.

Consider Your Cover Letter

Your cover letter, even more than your resume, is your real first impression. Even though you should be customizing your cover letters for each job, it’s ok to have templates in place so it’s easy for you to add in the specifics. You can add the accomplishments and specific skills that are important to that hiring manager.

Update Your Resume

Have you looked at it in a while? Does it match the new standards that recruiters and hiring managers are looking for in a resume? Check out templates for chronological and functional resumes to get an idea of what you might want to do for yours. Include accomplishments and specific data.

Get on LinkedIn

If you’re not on LinkedIn, you should be. If you are, you may want to update your profile to reflect what you’re currently seeking. LinkedIn is the premier platform for professionals to connect, and hiring managers are looking at the site to find top talent for their open jobs. Keep your profile current and it can act as a living resume to help you update that when necessary.

Create an Online Presence

Besides, LinkedIn, there are other places online you should have a presence. For example, have you ever thought about creating a personal website that can act as an online portfolio? A blog can help you establish yourself as a subject matter expert. And social media accounts with a professional image can help you network.

Have a Fresh New Attitude

Finally, take a look at your attitude. If you’ve become frustrated with the job search, this might manifest as a negative attitude which can be apparent in an interview. Companies want to work with people who

bring a positive attitude to work. Make sure you leave any sour grapes about your previous employer or any of your personal problems out of the interview.

Are There Other Ways to Improve Your Job Hunt?

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