If you’ve been in the job market for a while and haven’t found your next opportunity, you’re probably getting discouraged in the process. But have you considered that maybe you’re not looking in the right place or your search is getting stale? You can refresh your job search with a few little tweaks this year and find the right job for you in 2019.

  • Adjust Your Goals. Maybe you’ve completely lost focus on your job search. Sometimes, after an extended unemployment experience, job seekers start to throw their resume at anything in the hopes that something might stick. But this search without a goal is not productive. Take a step back and consider your long-term goals. What do you want to do and what skills do you have? Make lists and then match those to potential jobs in your area.
  • Develop a Plan. After you have determined your updated career goals, it’s time to make a plan and execute it. There may be things you can do to help give yourself the boost you need, like going back to school or taking certification courses. You can also take the time to improve your networking or enhance your social media presence. Follow companies online to see who is hiring in your area.
  • Focus on Looking. They say looking for a job is its own full-time job. You do need to dedicate yourself to the process to have the best chance at landing a new position. For example, if you know you need to network but don’t attend events, you’ll not get the benefit from the experience. Dedicate time every day to focus on submitting resumes, researching companies, and making connections.
  • Stay Positive. Lastly, your attitude will make all the difference in your job search. Employers are looking for positive personalities who will take a proactive position on the job. Negativity in the job search is easily visible, often taking shape as desperation or complaints about former employers. Prove to a potential employer you’re the person they want to hire by demonstrating your excitement about their position.

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