Before your interview, you want to gain as much information as possible on the company, its workforce, and its vision for the future. Use these three tactics to ensure you are fully prepared for your interview and knowledgeable of the company.

Check Out Their Social Media

A company’s social media pages and website can tell you a large amount of information on their culture and how they treat their employees. If you see photos at charity events, this will express that participating in charities is something that is valued at their company. If they have a blog section on their website, read through some articles to see what topics they focus on. This will give you an idea of what they find to be “hot topics” in the industry right now and will explain how their products and services relate. Any press releases you can find on the company will give you a greater understanding of company changes and history.

Learn About their Position in the Industry

It would be useful to see if the company was given any recent recognition or awards in the industry. For example, were they voted a top workplace or a great place to work? Are they outperforming companies in the same industry with similar product offerings? These awards will give you an idea if the company is thriving and what their standing is in the marketplace.

Learn About Their Team

Check out their LinkedIn page to view their current employees and see if they have a “Meet Our Team” section on their website. You can gain information on your possible interviewers and about the team you’ll be working with. The “About Us” section on their website will also give you a chance to learn about their company mission and see if you are aligned with that mission and the company’s values. If you bring up these elements in your interview, your interviewer will be impressed that you did your research and took the time to learn about the company and its team.

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