Job hunting can turn into a confusing process where you are unclear of where to start or what decisions to make. Here are four answers to questions you may be thinking related to job hunting and interviewing.

Should I Apply to a Job Even if I Don’t Satisfy all the Criteria?

You may see a job in your search that you are interested in, but don’t fully meet all the requirements for. Should you even apply? The answer to that question is yes! The worst thing that can happen is that the company does not reach out to you to set up an interview. Some criteria can also be overlooked by employers if they believe you excel in other areas that would be beneficial to the company. Show them the other qualities that you can bring to the position and explain your willingness to train on new systems. You can then leave the final decision up to them whether they think you would be a great fit.

What Should I Wear to the Interview?

Some simple tips for an interview outfit are to look professional, keep it simple, and do your research. Look online at company photos to get a feel of the look in the office and the outfits of the workers. If the environment seems to be on the causal side, you can wear a brighter color or accessorize with a bigger piece of jewelry. If the office follows a more corporate look, opt for a simpler color, such as white, black, or grey.

How Do I Answer The “Why Are You Leaving” Question?

Avoid speaking negatively about your current and past companies and focus on the future. Express your desire for new opportunities, to expand your skills in the industry, and your enthusiasm to see what the future holds.

How Many Questions Should I Ask in the Interview?

Ask at least one question! Asking questions is a great way to express your eagerness to learn more about the position and shows that you are engaged in the interview. If you have a list of questions in your mind, try to stay around asking a total of three. Too many questions will overwhelm your interviewer. If you have additional questions in the future, you can reach out to them through email if necessary.

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