Asking questions related to office culture in your next interview will offer insight into whether you can see yourself being a good fit for the organization. Here are three reasons why asking about company culture in your next interview is beneficial.

Company Values and Mission

Ask the interviewer questions about the company’s overall mission to see if you align with their values. For example, do they have a companywide goal that they are trying to achieve this year and are there individual department goals that will aid in achieving the overall vision? Do they place a high priority on teamwork? Are they extremely customer-focused? These values play a large role in how the company plans to achieve its goals. Once you have a better idea of what their vision for the future is, you can determine whether you’d like to be involved and help the company cross the finish line.

Opportunities Offered

Basic questions could give you major insight into company culture and what opportunities are offered to employees. For example, you can ask, “Are there opportunities for advancement in this position?” If the company places a high priority on advancement, this expresses that you have the chance to grow with the company and be promoted to higher-level positions in the future.

Work Environment

When you ask questions regarding office culture, your interviewer may reference activities and events that are held for employees. For example, if they express that pizza parties are held once a month to celebrate the employees, this shows that you will be rewarded for your hard work each month. Since every desk space does not have a viewable window, they have made sure that the lunchroom is a bright and relaxing space for their employees to enjoy on their breaks. How do these incentives relate to those offered at other companies you’ve interviewed for? These small, but exciting differentiators can make a big impact on your overall decision-making process.

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