One of the best ways to set your property apart from others in the surrounding areas is to market the amenities that you feel make your property superior. Remind potential residents of these amenities to show them why your property should be at the top of their list.

Pet Accommodations

Leasing consultants should ask potential residents if they have pets that will be living in their rental unit. Why is this question important? People are extremely attached to their pets and expressing that your property has accommodations for their pets could be a strong differentiator. Explain your pet policy and how inclusive the property is of animals. Offer them a map of the trails located on the property where they can walk their dogs and where the dog park is located as well.

Maintenance Responsiveness

Residents want to trust that their maintenance issues are resolved in an efficient manner and that the process to submit a maintenance order is simple and well-organized. Take the potential resident through the process of submitting a request and provide them with all the information and necessary phone numbers. Circle the most important information on the pages you supply them with, so they know exactly where to look on the page for the most beneficial information. If you want to make a strong impact, keep an updated statistic of the average time it takes for a maintenance technician to respond and fix an issue. Bring this statistic up in discussion to express how responsive and dedicated the maintenance technicians are at the property.

Miscellaneous Sections of the Property

When showing potential residents a map of the property, leasing consultants should explain each area in detail. A small area, amenity, or service could make a big impression on a potential resident. For example, if the property has a section where residents can vacuum their cars or put air in their tires, make a point to let the resident know of this beneficial service. This can make a huge impact in their decision-making process, especially if other properties they have visited are lacking this service.

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