Your interview outfit may be the last thing on your mind during your job hunt, but it’s an important piece of the job search process. Keep these three essentials in your closet to ensure you’re prepared and looking great in your next interview.

Suit Jacket or Blazer

A simple suit jacket or blazer can look extremely professional or business casual depending on what clothing items are paired with them. They can elevate your outfit by creating a professional and polished look for your interview. These items can also be worn after your interview to a formal work event or an important work meeting. Keeping a great suit jacket or blazer in your closet guarantees you are prepared to create a great outfit for your upcoming interview.

Solid Color Shirts

A well-fitted and solid color button-down shirt or blouse may seem boring or simple, but these items give you the chance to express your personality with a brighter or more elaborate piece of clothing. For example, pair your simple blouse with a statement necklace to complete the entire look or pair your button-down with patterned dress socks to add a pop of color. They can be worn multiple times and create a completely new look when layered and paired with other pieces of clothing.

Black Flats or Dress Shoes

Black flats or dress shoes are something that every job seeker should have in their closet. When you start your new position, these shoes can be worn on a day filled with meetings or on a casual Friday at the office. Black shoes will look chic and can be paired with many colors in your closet. Make sure that your shoes are comfortable and easy to walk in as well. You goal is to find an outfit that you feel comfortable and confident in for your interview.

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