A phone interview is an important piece of any job search. It could eventually lead to a face-to-face interview with a company decisionmaker. To help ensure your phone interview is successful, avoid these three situations.

Multitasking During the Interview

When completing any type of interview, you want to be focused on the situation at hand. Your answers should be conveyed in an eloquent and professional way. If you are multitasking during your phone interview, the interviewer will not only sense your disorganization but will feel that you are not serious about the position. If you have a phone interview scheduled, plan out your day or week ahead of time to ensure you have a time slot that is completely free.

Answering the Phone in a Noisy Space

Make sure you are in a quiet room with minimal distractions when completing your interview. Find a space in your home or a nearby coffee shop that is calming and allows you to lay out your materials. For example, lay your resume and other notes in front of you so you can reference them when necessary. Noise and interruptions are not only disruptive to you, but also to your interviewer.

Being Unprepared

Just because you are not meeting the interviewer in person, doesn’t mean you can go into the phone interview unprepared. Research the company and position before the interview and draft some responses to questions you may be asked. Being prepared will ensure you are comfortable and confident in your answers. Lastly, remember to prepare some questions to ask your interviewer. Asking questions demonstrates your interest in learning details related to the position and the company.

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