When you are looking for a job, you are competing against numerous applicants that are hoping to get that same job as well. How do you make sure your resume catches the attention of decisionmakers? Here are some tips to ensure your resume gets to the top of the tile.

Research the Job Requirements

When you are interested in a specific job opening, read the company’s job description and incorporate the skills they are looking for into your resume. These skills will catch the eye of the employee who is reading through your resume and show them that you are a perfect fit for the position.

Use Quantitative Results

Detailed descriptions in each section of your resume allows employers to get a quick view of your accomplishments at your previous positions. Quantitative data is a great way to express how quickly you accomplished your goal and what the outcome was. For example, you can show a timeline such as, “I successfully trained four new employees in six months.” These measurable goals and accomplishments will show your employer that you can complete your projects and tasks in a timely manner.

Think About Your Word Choice and Formatting

When writing your resume, remember to list your most recent experiences first. Focus on jobs that gave you marketable skills that you will be able to reference. Word choice such as, leadership, time management, conflict resolution, efficiency, and teamwork will show the employer that you exemplify skills that would make you a great asset to the company and will outperform other candidates.

Remember to Proofread

One of the most simple and efficient ways to ensure that your resume looks professional is to proofread. Having a friend or family member read through your resume allows a fresh set of eyes to browse for spelling errors and to offer formatting suggestions. A well-written resume portrays that you are professional and will make a great first impression to your new employer.

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