At some point in your job hunt, you may be faced with completing a panel interview. This may seem like a daunting task, but there are numerous ways you can prepare yourself for this instance and show your interviewers that you are best candidate for the position. Here are three tips to help guide you through the panel interview process.

Get Organized

It is crucial that you walk into a panel interview with the tools and information needed to win over the crowd. Research the company’s social media and website presence prior to your interview to gain information on the company’s values and mission. Remember to study the job description and think about how your previous experiences make you best-equipped to handle these job requirements. Also, print and bring multiple copies of your resume to ensure each member of the panel has a copy. The panel of interviewers will appreciate that you are prepared, organized, and ready for the interview portion of the hiring process.

Arrive Early

Make a great first impression by getting to your interview earlier than the scheduled start time. You will have a chance to look over your resume and get your thoughts together before your interview begins. This will also give you some time before the interview to shake hands and introduce yourself to each member of the panel. Interview punctuality directly correlates to how the panel members view your work ethic and dedication.

Be Mindful of Your Body Language

All eyes will be on you during a panel interview, so it is important to remain aware of your body language. Remember to make eye contact with each individual when they are speaking to you and to sit up straight. Take a few deep breaths before your interview starts and remember to speak in a clear and controlled manner when delivering your responses. When you are answering a specific question, address the interviewer that asked you the question, as well as the group. Lastly, remember to smile! This will express that you are happy and excited about the potential position and are excited to talk to each member of the group.

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