Preparing for a video interview takes a different focus than preparing for an in-person one. In addition to answering potential interview questions, you need to ensure that your technology works properly. Completing your interview without interruptions is one key to landing your next role.

Purchase a Webcam

Rather than using the camera built into your computer, purchase a USB-compatible webcam. Look for one with a high resolution, starting at 640 x 480 but aim for a resolution of 1280 x 720s, so your image shows up clear and crisp. And, choose a high frame rate, 30 frames per second or better, so your image is smooth and continuous. Also, opt for a glass lens for dramatically improved performance over a plastic one. Plus, choose auto-focusing and automatic light-adjustment options. In addition, find a webcam that takes images that are 2.0 megapixels or greater.

Buy a Microphone

Instead of relying on your built-in microphone, purchase one. Start by considering which audio interface you want. An analog microphone plugs into your computer’s audio-input jack and lets you add additional audio processing gear between the microphone and computer. A USB microphone plugs into your computer’s USB port and may include all the features you need for good audio quality and throughput. Then, think about whether you prefer a standalone desktop microphone, headset with attached microphone, or other microphones. The one you buy depends on how often you plan to need it, which ports you prefer to use, and whether you might have to plug the microphone into anything other than your computer.

Wire an Ethernet Connection  

Because Wi-Fi is slow and unreliable, wire an ethernet connection to your router. You want to avoid interference, dropped connections, lag and slow speeds that may cause frustration or terminate the interview. Plus, you need a substantial bandwidth for smooth, high-resolution video. Simply plug your modem into the internet port on your router with an ethernet cable, then plug your computer into one of the other ports on the router.

Practice Interviewing With Family or Friends   

Test your technology by mock interviewing with family or friends. Days before your interview, decide where you should place your computer so you pick up a blank wall in the background. And, choose which solid-colored, business casual shirt and pants you want to wear. Fifteen minutes before your interview begins, ensure that everyone is out of the house and you are in a quiet room with the door closed. During your interview, look at the camera, rather than the screen, so you appear to be making eye contact with the interviewer. Also, speak quickly with extra enthusiasm and concise answers so that your reactions appropriately translate across the screen. After your mock interview, ask your family member or friend for honest feedback. Repeat the process until you feel comfortable with using the technology and answering the questions.

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