Are you feeling stuck in your job search? You may have started off strong but are not receiving the results you expected. Thankfully, you can take action to improve your chances of landing a new position.

Take a Step Back

Have you stepped back to evaluate your job search performance? For instance, did you choose a company, then a job? If so, figure out the hiring process and how you can meaningfully contact a decision maker. Are you focusing on the quality of the job, rather than the quantity of resumes you send? You will receive more effective results by researching the job posting, company and culture before sending out a targeted cover letter and resume. Do you customize your skills and experience for each opening? Connecting the dots shows the hiring manager why they should contact you for an interview. Are you implementing a written plan for your job search? Using a system for finding vacancies, keeping track of what you applied for, when to follow up, and other pertinent information results in increased efficiency.

Use Your Network

Have you been networking? More than half of job openings are filled by word-of-mouth. For instance, tap into your connections by focusing on what you can do for them. And, establish credibility and trust by listening more than you talk. Also, seek feedback and guidance for your job search, rather than asking for an interview. Plus, talk with other professionals in your field to see whether they know of any opportunities or may be able to act as a referral.

Review Your Cover Letter and Resume

Did you review your cover letter and resume? Perhaps one or both need a revision or different format to make a stronger first impression. For instance, are there errors in spelling, grammar, or punctuation? Hiring managers want to know you pay attention to detail and can effectively communicate. Is your information too vague? Managers want specifics on your accomplishments and contributions. Are your cover letter and resume tailored to each job opening? Hiring managers want to see at a glance why you are best suited for the position, and why they should contact you for an interview. Is your cover letter or resume too long or short? Limit each to two pages. Does your resume contain your current contact information? Hiring managers cannot reach you otherwise.

Carry Over Energy from Other Parts of Your Life

Can you find energy in other parts of your life to carry over to your job search? For instance, post a list of motivational quotes and read them many times each day. And, get excited about possibilities and how they can become reality. Also, write down each day at least 10 new things you are grateful for. Plus, focus on looking and being your best each day. In addition, surround yourself with positive people whose energy is contagious.

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