Laura’s Role

Since August 2011, Account Executive Laura Aliberti has been a valued member of our team. She works out of our Orange County office in California.

Laura’s Transition into Property Management

After a gratifying career as a buyer for Nordstrom and more than a decade as a stay-at-home mom, Laura decided to enter the property management industry. She no longer wanted to travel every month, as she was while working in retail. Plus, like many others, Laura’s husband had used his transferable skills to successfully transition from a career in retail to one in property management. As a result, she gained firsthand insight into property management and knew it was exactly what she was looking for.

Laura’s Start as a Leasing Consultant

Laura began working as a leasing consultant for a property management company. With her background in sales and service, she is passionate about the quality of service provided to clients. Laura shared that working as a leasing consultant felt more like fun than work. She experienced a strong sense of purpose in meeting wonderful people and finding them homes. Since every day in property management is different, Laura was never bored with her position.

Laura’s Work as a Property Manager

After gaining experience as a leasing consultant, Laura accepted a promotion to leasing manager at this 742 unit site. Because this position involved more stress than she wanted, she later went back to working as a leasing consultant. Laura knows the good parts of working in property management overshadow the challenges, and everyone needs to find what role they are best suited for.

Laura’s Start with NPM Staffing

In August 2011, Laura joined the NPM Staffing team and quickly adapted to her new role to help grow both the territory and the business. With help from Drew Golin, VP of Operations, Laura has been able to create greater work-life balance, making her even happier and more productive.

Why Laura Enjoys Property Management

Laura appreciates building relationships and providing high-quality associates and services to clients. Helping people transition into a career in property management, finding matches for client needs, and making sure everyone is satisfied provides a strong sense of accomplishment. Plus, NPM Staffing’s continued growth in the use of technology makes running the business simpler for everyone.

Transition Your Career into Property Management

You, too, can transition into a career in property management. Reach out to NPM Staffing to learn more today!

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