Like most people, you have probably thought about a career change at some point. However, you may be afraid to leave the comfort of stability to see what else is out there. In reality, if you have spent months or years contemplating a career change, it is in your best interest to pursue something different.

Do You Quickly Change Your Mind?

Do you think about a career change, then immediately find reasons not to switch? If you are risk-adverse, you may become paralyzed when thinking about trying something new. Perhaps you have spent your life climbing the career ladder and no longer enjoy what you do. Maybe you kept advancing in your career without giving much thought to a different path. You might feel trapped by your success because of the financial implications of changing jobs or potential for failing in a new endeavor. However, nothing should scare you more than staying where you are and doing nothing to improve your situation.

Do You Not Want to Talk About It?

Perhaps you were taught to appreciate what you have and not continually look for something better. Maybe the job market is not great and you are seeing people you care about struggle. You may feel guilty about looking for something more when what you have appears to be enough. However, being grateful for your career does not mean remaining in a role that no longer fulfills you. Being miserable is not helping anyone, especially you.

Do You Avoid Following Through? 

Maybe you are afraid your new role will not be as great as you anticipated. You might fear learning something new will be challenging and exhausting. Perhaps you are financially overextended and cannot afford to earn less than you are. However, if your heart is not in what you do, your dissatisfaction will increase as your dreams get farther away.

Decide to Make a Change

Make a decision about which career you want and secure a role in that field. Start by consulting books, online resources and even a career coach to research what type of career you want. Next, write down steps to plan and manage the transition. You may need to put away money while you train for your new role, or volunteer to gain experience while keeping your current position. Then, create a supportive network of family and friends who will keep you motivated and feeling positive about the change. Begin applying and interviewing for positions. When you are offered one you want, accept it. Start working on your new passion and developing success.

Consider a Switch to Property Management

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