With the rental property industry being highly competitive, your community needs to stand out as the place residents want to live. Fortunately, there are methods you can use to grow local awareness of your apartment complex without stretching your budget.


You could implement a resident referral program to capitalize on word-of-mouth advertising. Happy residents will be glad to recommend your community to their family and friends. Offer a rent discount to provide further motivation. Also, request testimonials from current and former residents. Place the testimonials and resident pictures on your website and social media, develop partnerships with local businesses. Ask whether you may provide coupons for their products/services in exchange for directing customers to your apartment complex.

Provide Community Service

You might sponsor middle or high school sports teams or a local 5K run/walk. Encourage residents to participate in local charity events as part of your community’s team. Join the local chamber of commerce to be the voice of business for government policy and other issues. Plus, create a drop-off location for nonprofit organizations that collect clothing donations, toys or other items for those in need.

Advertise Locally

If you allow pets, you might partner with local animal shelters where you can leave brochures promoting your complex as pet-friendly. Write guest posts on locally focused blogs, pay to advertise on grocery shopping carts. Plus, send postcards to qualified leads or potential residents in the areas you are active in.

Host Events at Your Community

Post open houses on Facebook Events and run Facebook Ads to promote them. Offer rent discounts to participants who check in on Facebook when they arrive. Give away pens, drink koozies and other branded freebies to everyone who comes to your property. Plus, set up community appreciation barbeques that include pool activities, a bounce house and organized games. If your community has meeting or party rooms, let local companies host events in them in exchange for letting you leave brochures or other promotional items at their business.

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