Do you know the worst thing to do when running late for a job interview? Not calling the interviewer and letting them know you will arrive past the scheduled time. Showing up more than a few minutes late will have an adverse impact on the interviewer’s impression of you. Here are some suggestions for what to do when you are late for a job interview.

Be Sure You Call

Do not simply show up late and expect to be interviewed. Call the interviewer to let them know you will be late. Provide a realistic time frame of when you should arrive. The more notice you can give, the better. If you will be more than 10 minutes late, be prepared for the interviewer to reschedule or cancel. In case you are able to postpone your interview, have several days and times ready.

Remember to Apologize

Genuinely express regret for being late. Because the interviewer is doing you a favor by meeting with you, you need to acknowledge your mistake and apologize for inconveniencing them. Provide an honest reason for being tardy. Perhaps, a family member became ill or your mode of public transportation was down. Reasons such as oversleeping at work will not portray you as an organized and reliable candidate.

Regain Your Professional Manner

Take a moment to collect your thoughts and regain your professional manner. After apologizing for being late, let it go. Shift your focus to the strengths and skills that make you the best candidate for the role. Show your manners, experience and references express your flexibility and ease in changing course when what you are doing is not working. Demonstrate that you can perform under pressure.

Learn From Your Mistake

Do not make the same error twice. An interview is a contract between you and the interviewer. Making a habit of being late for or missing interviews will give you an adverse reputation in your industry. Because hiring managers and recruiters talk, odds are they will let others that you do not manage or respect your time or others’. This will severely hinder your ability to get a job in your industry. To avoid being late, visit the location of your next interview in advance. Try visiting around the time your interview will take place so you can anticipate traffic issues or other delays. Allot additional travel time when possible.

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