Lisa’s Role

lisa-hannah-branch-manager-npm-staffingBranch Manager Lisa Hannah has been part of our team since October 2012. She recruits and hires employees, delegates job assignments, calls and visits clients, handles timesheets and more from her office in San Diego, CA.

Lisa’s Biggest Career Influence

Lisa got her start in property management in 1994 as an assistant property manager. Although Lisa had no experience at the time, she happily accepted the position. After working as the assistant manager for eight months, Lisa invested the next 11 years working as a property manager. She then decided to move to the vendor side and specialize in affordable housing through NPM Staffing and has been with the team ever since.

What Lisa Enjoys Most About Property Management

Lisa enjoys helping people find jobs in property management. After investing so many years in the industry, many of the people she hired are still working in the industry. Many now work as assistant managers or managers and still remember Lisa. When they thank her for where they are today, Lisa reminds them she simply put them in a role and they put the work in themselves to succeed. Lisa also enjoys the fact that no two days are the same in property management. Things constantly change throughout the work day and, over time, within the industry. The diversity in dealing with issues as they arise keeps Lisa on her toes and engaged in her work.

What Lisa Appreciates Most About NPM Staffing

Lisa is very appreciative of having the freedom to build one-to-one connections with NPM Staffing associates and clients. Being tasked with numerous roles, creating that deep connection on all levels allows her to become a better team member.

Reach Out to NPM Staffing

Even if you have no experience in property management, you too can join a company that cares about its employees and treats them well. Reach out to Lisa and NPM Staffing today!

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