With new apartment complexes being built with high-tech systems, finding qualified maintenance technicians to repair and maintain the systems is becoming an even greater challenge. The systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated and needing highly trained techs to continue operations. As a result, with ongoing, specialized education, maintenance techs will be able to earn more money working on new apartment complexes.

Security System

High-tech security systems require advanced training and expertise. As a result, the company that markets an apartment complex’s security system is the best place to go for the education needed to repair and maintain the system. For example, Tyco Integrated Security offers training on security system operation after installation, as well as webinars addressing active shooter scenario training and other topics. Trainings may be scheduled at desired times and intervals.


Because all systems in newer apartment complexes rely on each other for information, efficiency standards and status, having one apartment system change or fail often affects other systems. As a result, the equipment has a shorter life span, decreased efficiencies and increased costs for operation, repairs and maintenance. Therefore, maintenance techs should seek specialized training through companies like HD Supply Facilities Maintenance. Courses cover topics such as the different types of air conditioning systems and how they work, as well as preventative maintenance and troubleshooting skills needed to work on a multi-unit facility. Other topics include electrical and mechanical components, safety procedures, basic refrigeration cycle, schematic designs, and limitations placed by the EPA and others.


Maintenance techs need to remain current on plumbing maintenance for new apartment complexes. Schools such as AC/C Tech offer classes on plumbing repair and maintenance. Topics include the anatomy of a plumbing system and how to repair kitchen and bathroom sinks, bathtubs, showers, toilets and water heaters. Students learn how to work with PVC, copper, galvanized and black pipe and how to cut, thread, flare, swag and solder pipe. Advanced topics include replacing drains, vents and traps; cold and hot water supply lines; and installing sinks, toilets and bathtubs. Students learn how to use a drain machine, quiet noisy pipes, correct pressure problems and more.


New apartment complex amenities such as swimming pools and health clubs require advanced training for proper maintenance and repair. Schools such as AC/C Tech provide training on current apartment technology. Classes cover electrical wiring, smart technology, swimming pool maintenance and more. Pool maintenance topics include activities on pumps and motors, filters and strainers, pressure gauges and flow meters, chemical feeders, and chlorine tanks.

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