Bringing on a new leasing consultant can be challenging. They need you to help them educate prospects about the community and provide insight into the benefits of living on the property. Here are some tips on how to teach a new leasing consultant what prospects actually need.

Ask Questions About the Prospect

Ask whether the prospect will be living alone or with others. Also, if the prospect has a family, ask the name of their spouse and names and ages of their children. Point out local schools, parks and other age-appropriate interests. Ask what prompted the prospect to move. Use their logical and emotional reasons to show how the community caters to those needs. Find out when the prospect plans on moving so you can estimate your availability. Remember that the farther in advance the prospect is looking, the longer they’ll be a resident.

Answer Questions About the Community

Prospects will want more information about what the area has to offer and what benefits they’ll receive living in your community.  Always be aware of which apartments are available, the square footage of each bedroom and the details of the community’s pet policy. Also, point out the community’s security features, such as the extra lighting in the parking lot, deadbolts on doors and cameras recording every area of the property. Stay current on local grocery stores, restaurants, schools and other places of interest. Know the location of public transportation and local tourist attractions.

Turn Prospects Into Residents

When conducting a tour, warmly greet the prospect by name and thank them for viewing the community. Find out how many bedrooms the prospect needs so you can show an appropriate apartment. Speak assumptively by pointing out where the prospect’s couch and television can go and where they can put their kitchen table so they visualize living in the community. Point out the amenities the property has to offer, such as the health club with swimming pool or the on-site dry cleaning, to enhance the resident experience. Always ask the prospect whether they want to complete an application and put down a deposit to reserve their apartment.

Follow Up

Continue cultivating a relationship with each prospect throughout the buying cycle. Email photos of the apartment the prospect liked. Send personalized notes mentioning what the prospect liked best about the community and its amenities. Offer to provide additional information or conduct another tour to help with the decision process.

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